Placement (1) AfterStep supports several different window placement policies. Some of them designed to fill free space, and some allowing for windows to be placed on top of others.



Windows will be placed in cascading order.


Windows must be placed manually.


Windows will be placed randomply, in space unobstructed by windows that have AvoidCover attribute set.


Most suitable free space area will be chosen to place window in. If no such area is found of sufficient size - window will be placed using secondary placement strategy, or manually, if no secondary strategy is specified.


Windows will be tiled in free space. If no space of suitable size is found, then secondary placement strategy is engaged, or window will have to be placed manually. This is similar to SmartPlacement, except that suitable space is chosen following direction left-to-right, top-to-bottom, instead of looking for space, most fitting the window size (the way SmartPlacement works).