hbcixml3(1) Command line tool to work on data in a HBCI XML file.


hbcixml3 <command> [options]


The aqhbci-tool3(1) command can be used to inspect and work on data in HBCI XML files. See section FILES for an example file used by AqBanking.


COMMAND may be one of these:


shows the variables used by a given Job (the job name must be given by "-j").


lists all available jobs


analyze a log file. You can use this to anonymize the log file before sending it as a bug report.


General Options


the HBCI description file to load (xml-file) repeat this option for each file to load If this option is omitted the default XML files are loaded


the type of node inside the XML file use "job" to inspect jobs, "seg" to inspect segments

-hv VER

HBCI version to use (defaults to 210) This effects which XML files will be loaded upons startup (only if no -f option is given)


security mode to use with "show":

• DDV (chipcard mode with DDV cards)

• RDH (keyfile mode)

Special Options for show

-j JOB

name of the job/segment you are interested in


shows even those variables which are automatically preset by the message engine. -P - shows even those variables which are marked as being hidden

-mv VER

message/job/segment version to show (0 uses the first available)

Special Options for analyze

--trustlevel L

the higher this level the more you trust the recipient of the output logfile.

--analyze F

name of the file to analyze

-ol F

name of anonymized output logfile

-od F

name of anonymized parsed logfile

-os F

name of SWIFT MT940/942 file to export

--logfile FILE

use given FILE as log file

--logtype TYPE

use given TYPE as log type These are the valid types: stderr (log to standard error channel) file (log to the file given by --logfile) Default is stderr

--loglevel LEVEL

set the loglevel Valid levels are: emergency, alert, critical, error, warning, notice, info and debug Default is "warning".


The simplest usage of this program is:

hbcixml2 show -j JobDialogInit

This shows the properties used by the job "JobInit".

Other example:

hbcixml2 show -t seg -j Balance

shows the response segment of a JobGetBalance.



This file is used by AqBanking to construct HBCI messages.


Probably lots, please post them to the mailing list (see Resources below) when you find them.


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Copyright (C) Martin Preuß. Free use of this software is granted under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

The manpage was composed by Micha Lenk and converted by the nifty tool AsciiDoc into a manpage.


Micha Lenk <[email protected]>