slugimage(1) Manipulate NSLU2 firmware images


slugimage [-p|-u] [options]


slugimage can be used to create or unpack NSLU2 firmware images.


-d, --debug
Turn on debugging output
-q, --quiet
Turn off status messages
-u, --unpack
Unpack a firmware image
-p, --pack
Pack a firmware image
-l, --little
Convert Kernel and Ramdisk to little-endian
-i, --input
Input firmware image filename
-o, --output
Output firmware image filename
-b, --redboot
Input/Output RedBoot filename
-k, --kernel
Input/Ouptut Kernel filename
-s, --sysconf
Input/Output SysConf filename
-r, --ramdisk
Input/Output Ramdisk filename(s)
-f, --fisdir
Input/Output FIS directory filename
-y, --payload
Input/Output Payload filename
-t, --trailer
Input/Output Trailer filename
-e, --ethaddr
Set the Ethernet address


This man page was written by Joey Hess, <[email protected]>.