hmackeys(1) utility program for generating good HMAC-SHA1 keys


hmackeys [ keynames_filename ]


hmackeys writes files containing randomized 160-bit key values suitable for use by HMAC-SHA1 in support of Bundle Authentication Block processing, Bundle Relay Service connections, or other functions for which symmetric hash computation is applicable. One file is written for each key name presented to hmackeys; the content of each file is 20 consecutive randomly selected 8-bit integer values, and the name given to each file is simply "keyname.hmk".

hmackeys operates in response to the key names found in the file keynames_filename, one name per file text line, if provided; if not, hmackeys prints a simple prompt (:) so that the user may type key names directly into standard input.

When the program is run in interactive mode, either enter 'q' or press ^C to terminate.


"0" Completion of key generation.


Enter interactive HMAC/SHA1 key generation mode.
hmackeys host1.keynames
Create a key file for each key name in host1.keynames, then terminate immediately.


No other files are used in the operation of hmackeys.


No environment variables apply.


The following diagnostics may be issued to the logfile ion.log:
Can't open keynames file...
The keynames_filename specified in the command line doesn't exist.


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