hphpize(1) prepare an HHVM extension for compiling DSOs.




hphpize(1) is a shell script to prepare an HHVM extension for compiling a dynamically shared object (DSO).

hphpize(1) requires, at a minimum, a PHP|Hack|C++ extension and a config.cmake file that contains the build information for cmake.

config.cmake must contain at least the following two lines:

HHVM_EXTENSION(${extension_name} ${filestobuild})
HHVM_SYSTEMLIB(${extension_name} ${PHPfiletobuild})

specifying the C++ source file(s) to build and one PHP file to embed in the DSO as a system library (systemlib).

config.cmake can contain other information as well, such as links to other libraries, etc.


This manpage describes hphpize(1), version 3.0 and greater


HHVM is licensed under the PHP and Zend licenses except as otherwise noted. The full license can be found at: https://github.com/facebook/hhvm