HScroller(3) scrolling an interactor

Other Alias

Scroller, VScroller


#include <InterViews/scroller.h>


A scroller is an interactor that manipulates the perspective of another interactor. It contains a bar whose position and size reflect the current origin and size in the interactor's perspective. Clicking and dragging in the scroller modifies the attached interactor's perspective. VScroller is a class for defining vertical scrollers, HScroller for horizontal scrollers.


HScroller(Interactor*, int size = 0)
VScroller(Interactor*, int size = 0)
Create a scroller of a given size (height for a horizontal scroller, width for a vertical scroller). A zero size means to use the default size.
virtual void Update()
Redisplay the scroller to reflect a change in the interactor's perspective.


The ``syncScroll'' resource specifies whether the scroller should work in real-time or not. When synchronized scrolling is employed the interactor scrolls synchronously as the scroller's bar is dragged; otherwise the bar's outline follows the mouse during dragging, and the interactor is scrolled only after the user stops dragging the bar. Scrollers will scroll synchronously if their syncScroll resource is set to ``on'' or ``true.'' The state of the syncScroll attribute can be toggled temporarily by holding down the ``control'' key while the scroller is manipulated.