ht://Check(1) Web site checker for dead/external links 2.0.0


htcheck [-isvk] [-c configfile] [-D dbname]


ht://Check is more than a link checker. It is a console application written for Linux systems in C++ and derived from ht://Dig.

It can retrieve information through HTTP/1.1 and store the information in a MySQL database, and it is particularly suitable for small Internet domains or Intranet.

Its purpose is to help a webmaster manage one or more related sites: after a "crawl", ht://Check gives back very useful summaries and reports, including broken links, anchors not found, content-types and HTTP status codes summaries, etc.

From version 1.2.3, ht://Check also performs accessibility checks in accordance with the principles of the University of Toronto's Open Accessibility Checks (OAC) project, allowing users to discover site-wide barriers like images without proper alternatives, missing titles, etc.

ht://Check can also be used for Web structure analysis, as it stores information regarding links between HTML documents.


Verbose mode (more 'v's increment verbosity)
Statistics (broken links, etc...) available
Initialize the database (drop a previous db)
Initialize the database (drop tables, keep the db)
-c configfile
Configuration file
-D dbname
Name of the database


Written by Gabriele Bartolini <[email protected]>


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Copyright (c) 1999-2006 Comune di Prato - Prato - Italy

Some Portions Copyright (c) 1995-2003 The ht://Dig Group <>

Some Portions Copyright (c) 2008-2009 Devise.IT srl <>

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