html2haml(1) Transforms an HTML file into corresponding Haml code.


html2haml [options] [INPUT] [OUTPUT]


Transforms an HTML file into corresponding Haml code.


-e, --erb
Parse ERb tags.
Don't parse ERb tags.
-r, --rhtml
Deprecated; same as --erb
Deprecated; same as --no-erb
-x, --xhtml
Parse the input using the more strict XHTML parser.
Use HTML style attributes instead of Ruby hash style.
-E, --ex[:in]
Specify the default external and internal character encodings.
-s, --stdin
Read input from standard input instead of an input file
Show a full traceback on error
Use Unix-style newlines in written files.
-?, -h, --help
Show this message
-v, --version
Print version

Please note this program's function is to make a first approach towards converting your HTML. Although usually it will give you a nearly good result, it will often need tweaking - This is specially true when you are parsing RHTML, as it can include parsable and conditional tags which can be misinterpreted and break nesting.


This manual page was written by Gunnar Wolf <[email protected]>, based on the command-line output of this program, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be freely used by others).