HTMLDocument::addDocumentMetaData(3) Adds a meta-data key/value pair to the document


Void addDocumentMetaData( HTMLDocument doc, String key, String value )


doc The HTML document

key The key name for the meta-data value

value The meta-data value


Adds a meta-data key/value pair to the document. This can be used to add additional information to the document useful to automated tools. The use of this data in the ranking algorithms of internet search engines has been widely debated but appears to be marginal at best. It may, however, be useful for local search engines or cataloguing software.

 addDocumentMetaData(doc,"Author","John Smith");
 addDocumentMetaData(doc,"Description","An example document");

"HTTP-equiv" meta-data is not supported by this module - just add a real HTTP header using HTMLDocument.addHTTPHeader(3kaya) instead.


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