HTML::Lint::HTML4(3) Rules for HTML 4 as used by HTML::Lint.


Collection of tags and attributes for use by HTML::Lint. You can add your own tags and attributes if you like.

# Add an attribute that your company uses.
HTML::Lint::HTML4::add_attribute( 'body', 'proprietary-attribute' );
# Add the HTML 5 <canvas> tag.
HTML::Lint::HTML4::add_tag( 'canvas' );
HTML::Lint::HTML4::add_attribute( 'canvas', $_ ) for qw( height width );

This must be done before HTML::Lint does any validation. Note also that this modifies a global table, and is not on a per-object basis.


The functions below are very specifically not exported, and need to be called with a complete package reference, so as to remind the programmer that she is monkeying with the entire package.

add_tag( $tag );

Adds a tag to the list of tags that HTML::Lint knows about. If you specify a tag that HTML::Lint already knows about, then nothing is changed.

    HTML::Lint::HTML4::add_tag( 'canvas' );

add_attribute( $tag, $attribute );

Adds an attribute to a tag that HTML::Lint knows about. The tag must already be known to HTML::Lint or else this function will die.

    HTML::Lint::HTML4::add_attribute( 'canvas', $_ ) for qw( height width );


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