httparty(1) query web services and examine the resulting output


`httparty' is a command-line tool to query query web services and examine the resulting output. By default it will output the response as a pretty-printed Ruby object (useful for grokking the structure of output). This can also be overridden to output formatted XML or JSON.


 httparty [options] [url]


-f, --format [FORMAT]
Output format to use instead of pretty-print ruby: plain, csv, json or xml
-a, --action [ACTION]
HTTP action: get (default), post, put, delete, head, or options
-d, --data [BODY]
Data to put in request body (prefix with '@' for file)
-H, --header [NAME:VALUE]
Additional HTTP headers in NAME:VALUE form
-v, --verbose
If set, print verbose output
-u, --user [CREDS]
Use basic authentication. Value should be user:password
-r, --response-code
Command fails if response code >= 400
-h, --help
Show help documentation
Show HTTParty version