httpie(1) CLI, cURL-like tool for humans


http [-h] [--version] [--json | --form] [--traceback]

     [--pretty ] [--headers | --body] [--style STYLE]

     [--auth AUTH] [--verify VERIFY] [--proxy PROXY]

     [--file PATH] [--timeout TIMEOUT]

     METHOD URL [items [items ...]]

Positional arguments:

HTTP method to be used for the request (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, PATCH, ...).
Protocol defaults to http:// if the URL does not include it.
HTTP header (key:value), data field (key=value) or raw JSON field (field:=value).


HTTPie is a CLI HTTP utility built out of frustration with existing tools. The goal is to make CLI interaction with HTTP-based services as human-friendly as possible.

HTTPie does so by providing an http command that allows for issuing arbitrary HTTP requests using a simple and natural syntax and displaying colorized responses.


-h, --help
Show this help message and exit
Show program's version number and exit
--json, -j
Serialize data items as a JSON object and set Content-Type to application/json, if not specified.
--form, -f
Serialize data items as form values and set Content- Type to application/x-www-form-urlencoded, if not specified.
Print exception traceback should one occur.
--pretty, -p
If stdout is a terminal, the response is prettified by default (colorized and indented if it is JSON). This flag ensures prettifying even when stdout is redirected.
--headers, -t
Print only the response headers.
--body, -b
Print only the response body.
--style STYLE, -s STYLE
Output coloring style, one of autumn, borland, bw, colorful, default, emacs, friendly, fruity, manni, monokai, murphy, native, pastie, perldoc, rrt, solarized, tango, trac, vim, vs. Defaults to solarized.
--auth AUTH, -a AUTH
--verify VERIFY
Set to "yes" to check the host's SSL certificate. You can also pass the path to a CA_BUNDLE file for private certs. You can also set the REQUESTS_CA_BUNDLE environment variable.
--proxy PROXY
String mapping protocol to the URL of the proxy (e.g.
--file PATH
File to multipart upload
--timeout TIMEOUT
Float describes the timeout of the request (Use socket.setdefaulttimeout() as fallback).


httpie was written by Jakub Roztocil <[email protected]>.

This manual page was written by Khalid El Fathi <[email protected]>, for the Debian project (and may be used by others).