i-viewdb(1) view the information stored in integrit databases


i-viewdb [-s] dbname

dbname is the name of the integrit database for i-viewdb to examine.


Do not show the checksums stored in the database.


The integrit system detects intrusion by detecting when trusted files have been altered.

integrit records information about files in a database. i-viewdb allows the user to see the information stored in these databases.

The output syntax is the same as that of integrit.


   i-viewdb integrit-foo.cdb | less

uses the "less" pager to view contents of the integrit database.

   i-viewdb integrit-foo.cdb | awk '{ print $1 " " $8 }'

look at the files and access times in the integrit database.


Ed L Cashin <[email protected]>

See the integrit web site for up to date releases and information at