i2c_parse_fw_timings(9) get I2C related timing parameters from firmware


void i2c_parse_fw_timings(struct device * dev, struct i2c_timings * t, bool use_defaults);



The device to scan for I2C timing properties


the i2c_timings struct to be filled with values


bool to use sane defaults derived from the I2C specification when properties are not found, otherwise use 0


Scan the device for the generic I2C properties describing timing parameters for the signal and fill the given struct with the results. If a property was not found and use_defaults was true, then maximum timings are assumed which are derived from the I2C specification. If use_defaults is not used, the results will be 0, so drivers can apply their own defaults later. The latter is mainly intended for avoiding regressions of existing drivers which want to switch to this function. New drivers almost always should use the defaults.