ibdatacounters(8) query IB subnet for data counters


ibdatacounters [-h] [-b] [-v] [-N | -nocolor] [<topology-file> | -C ca_name -P ca_port -t(imeout) timeout_ms]


ibdatacounters is a script which uses a full topology file that was created by ibnetdiscover, scans the network to validate the connectivity and reports the data counters (from port counters).


-v     increase the verbosity level

-b     brief mode. Reduce the output to show only if errors are present,

     not what they are.

-N | -nocolor  use mono rather than color mode

-C <ca_name> use the specified ca_name.

-P <ca_port> use the specified ca_port.

-t <timeout_ms> override the default timeout for the solicited mads.


Hal Rosenstock
<[email protected]>