ibid-objgraph(1) Memory usage graph generation utility for Ibid


ibid-objgraph [options...] logfile type...
ibid-objgraph -e TIME [options...] logfile
ibid-objgraph -h


This utility is for graphing object-type usage from an Ibid bot configured to log such usage.

Matplotlib is required for graphing.


-e TIME, --examine=TIME
Examine the object usage at time TIME, and print a sorted list of type statistics at that time. This function can be useful in determining which types to graph, when chasing down a detected leak.
-o FILE, --output=FILE
Output to FILE instead of displaying interactive graph GUI. FILE can be any format supported by Matplotlib, detected by the file extension.
-d DPI, --dpi=DPI
When outputting in raster formats, use DPI output DPI.
-h, --help
Show a help message and exit.


A log file generated by loading the memory plugin into Ibid, which will periodically log object usage. It can be gzip compressed, if the filename ends in .gz.