ibod(1) ISDN MPPP bandwidth on demand daemon




Ibod is a ISDN MPPP bandwidth on demand daemon designed to operate in conjunction with isdn4linux. It is normally started at boot time, but can be started and stopped at any time. The program monitors inbound and outbound traffic on the ISDN interface. When the required bandwidth exceeds the capacity for one ISDN B-channel (64kbps) a second (slave) channel is connected according to the MPPP protocol. When the traffic decreases below one channel capacity, the slave channel is disconnected.

Ibod also supports more than one additional channel - see ibod.cf(4) for details.

A configuration file /etc/isdn/ibod.cf is read initially. The device /dev/isdninfo is monitored for the current state and throughput of the ISDN interface. All operation on the ISDN interface is made through the /dev/isdnctrl interface.

Ibod is also listening on TCP port 6050 for eventual connection from control panel xibod(1).


Upon receiving SIGHUP, the configuration file is re-read. A SIGPIPE closes an eventual socket connection with xibod.


Variable IBOD_HOME specifies the directory where to look for the configuration file ibod.cf.


All logging is made to syslog with the identity tag ibod.


Bjoern Smith, [email protected]
Jan Obladen, [email protected]