icecc-scheduler(1) Icecream scheduler


icecc-scheduler [ -n | --netname | name] [ -p | --port | port] [ -h | --help ] [ -l | --log-file | file] [ -d | --daemonize ] [ -r | --allow-run-as-user ] [ -v[v[v]] ]


The Icecream scheduler is the central instance of an Icecream compile network. It distributes the compile jobs and provides the data for the monitors.


-n, --netname netname
The name of the Icecream network the scheduler controls.
-p, --port port
IP port the scheduler uses.
-h, --help
Print help message.
-l, --log-file logfile
Name of file where log output is written to.
-d, --daemonize
Detach daemon from shell.
-v, -vv, -vvv
Control verbosity of daemon. The more v the more verbose.
-r, --allow-run-as-user
Force running the scheduler with user rights. Usually you will need to run the scheduler with root rights.


Cornelius Schumacher