idt(4) device driver for IDT NICStAR-based ATM interfaces


device idt device atm


The device driver supports ATM network interfaces based on the IDT NICStAR 77211 controller, including the FORE Systems ForeRunner LE25 and LE155. For configuring the card for IP see natmip(4).

ATM CBR connections are supported, and bandwidth is allocated in slots of 64k each. Three VBR queues handle traffic for VBR and UBR. Two UBR queues prioritize UBR traffic. ILMI and signalling get the higher priority queue, as well as UBR traffic that specifies a peak cell rate. All other UBR traffic goes into the lower queue.

The following sysctls are recognized by the driver:

Print statistics about buffer use to the system log periodically.
Print information about VC opens, closes, and other events to the system log.
Set or print the maximum size of the 2KB buffer queue.
Set or print the maximum size of the mbuf queue.
Print the current size of the 2KB buffer queue.
Print the current size of the mbuf queue.
Optimize the TX queue buffer for lowest overhead.


An -nosplit An Richard Hodges , based on the original driver for Fx 2.2 by An Mark Tinguely . An Bruce M. Simpson wrote this manual page and backported the driver to Fx 4.9 .