im_copy_morph(3) copy an image

Other Alias

im_copy, im_copy_set, im_copy_swap


#include <vips/vips.h>

int im_copy(in, out)
IMAGE *in, *out;

int im_copy_set( in, out, type, xres, yres )
IMAGE *in, *out;
int type;
float xres, yres;

int im_copy_swap( in, out )
IMAGE *in, *out;

int im_copy_morph( in, out, Bands, BandFmt, Coding )
IMAGE *in, *out;
int Bands, BandFmt, Coding;

typedef enum {




} im_arch_type;

int im_copy_from( in, out, architecture )
IMAGE *in, *out;
im_arch_type architecture;


im_copy(3) copies the image held by the image descriptor in and writes the result to the image descriptor out. The input can be of any size and have any type. Does LABPACK coded images too!

im_copy_set(3) behaves exactly as im_copy(3), but lets you set informational fields in the header on the way through.

im_copy_swap(3) copies an uncoded image, swapping between SPARC and Intel byte order on the way.

im_copy_morph(3) behaves exactly as im_copy(3), but lets you set fields which affect pixel format on the way through.

im_copy_from(3) calls either im_copy(3) or im_copy_swap(3) as necessary to copy from the specified architecture.


The function returns 0 on success and -1 on error.