im_printdesc(3) im_char2BandFmt,


#include <vips/vips.h>

void im_printdesc(image)
IMAGE *image;

char *im_Type2char( ty );
int ty;

char *im_BandFmt2char( bf );
int bf;

char *im_Coding2char( cod );
int cod;

char *im_Compression2char( comp );
int comp;

int im_char2Type( str );
char *str;

int im_char2BandFmt( str );
char *str;

int im_char2Coding( str );
char *str;

int im_char2Compression( str );
char *str;


im_printdesc(3) prints the image descriptor pointed by image.

im_printdesc(3) exports the functions it uses to code and uncode the type fields in image headers. The functions which return char * return a static string of the form "<bad Type>" on error,

The functions which return int return -1 on error, setting im_error(3).


N. Dessipris


N. Dessipris - 11/04/1990