Image::ExifTool::HtmlDump(3) Dump information in hex to HTML page


use Image::ExifTool::HtmlDump;
my $dump = new Image::ExifTool::HtmlDump;
$dump->Add($start, $size, $comment);
$dump->Print($dumpInfo, $raf, $dataPt, $dataPos, $outfile);


This module contains code used to generate an HTML-based hex dump of information for debugging purposes. This is code is called when the ExifTool 'HtmlDump' option is used.

Currently, only EXIF/TIFF and JPEG information is dumped.


Due to a memory allocation bug in ActivePerl 5.8.x for Windows, this code may run extremely slowly when processing large files with this version of Perl.

An HTML 4 compliant browser is needed to properly display the generated HTML page.


Copyright 2003-2016, Phil Harvey (phil at

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.