Write PostScript meta information


This file is autoloaded by Image::ExifTool::PostScript.


This file contains routines to write meta information in PostScript documents. Six forms of meta information may be written:

    1) PostScript comments (Adobe DSC specification)
    2) XMP information embedded in a document-level XMP stream
    3) EXIF information embedded in a Photoshop record
    4) IPTC information embedded in a PhotoShop record
    5) ICC_Profile information embedded in an ICCProfile record
    6) TIFF information embedded in DOS-style binary header


Currently, information is written only in the outer-level document.

Photoshop will discard meta information in a PostScript document if it has to rasterize the image, and it will rasterize anything that doesn't contain the Photoshop-specific 'ImageData' tag. So don't expect Photoshop to read any meta information added to EPS images that it didn't create.

The following two acronyms may be confusing since they are so similar and have different meanings with respect to PostScript documents:

    DSC = Document Structuring Conventions
    DCS = Desktop Color Separation


Thanks to Tim Kordick for his help testing the EPS writer.


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