Image::Seek(3) A port of ImgSeek to Perl


use Image::Seek qw(loaddb add_image query_id savedb);
my $img = GD::Image->newFromJpeg("photo-216.jpg", 1);
# OR
my $img = Imager->new();
$img->open(file => "photo-216.jpg");
# OR
my $img = Image::Imlib2->load("photo-216.jpg");
# Then...
add_image($img, 216);
my @results = query_id(216); # What looks like this photo?
remove_id(216); # Just remove id from database.


ImgSeek ( is an implementation of Haar wavelet decomposition techniques to find similar pictures in a library. This module is port of the ImgSeek library to Perl's XS. It can deal with image objects produced by the "Imager", "Image::Imlib2" and "GD" libraries.


None by default, but the following functions are available:


Dumps the state of the norms and image buckets to the file $file.


Loads a database of image norms produced by savedb


Clears the internal database. Note that "loaddb" will load into memory a bunch of data that you may already have - it will duplicate rather than replace this data, so results will be skewed if you load a database multiple times without clearing it in between.

add_image($image, $id)

Adds the image object to the database, keyed against the numeric id $id. This will compute the Haar transformation for a 128x128 thumbnail of the image, and then store its norms into a database in memory.


remove id from database, and you should "savedb" to save the changed database.

query_id($id[, $results))

This queries the internal database for pictures which are ``like'' number $id. It returns a list of $results results (by default, 10); a result is an array reference. The first element is the ID of a picture, the second is a score. So for example:

    query_id(2481, 5)

returns, in a shoot I have, the following:

          [ 2481, -38.3800003528595 ],
          [ 2480, -37.5519620793145 ],
          [ 2478, -37.39896965962   ],
          [ 2479, -37.2777427507208 ],
          [ 2584, -10.0803730081134 ],
          [ 2795, -7.89326129961427 ]

Notice that the scores go the opposite way to what you might imagine: lower is better. The results come out sorted, and the first result is the thing you queried for.

addImage($id, $reds, $greens, $blues)

Internally used.

add_image_magick($image, $id)

Internally used.

add_image_gd($image, $id)

Internally used.

add_image_imager($image, $id)

Internally used.

add_image_imlib2($image, $id)

Internally used.


Internally used.


Internally used.


Internally used.


Internally used.


Helmut Wollmersdorfer <[email protected]>


Simon Cozens, <[email protected]<gt> Lilo Huang, <[email protected]> Helmut Wollmersdorfer, <[email protected]>

All the clever bits were written by Ricardo Niederberger Cabral; Simon Cozens just mangled them to wrap Perl around them.


Copyright (C) 2005 by Simon Cozens, 2008 by Lilo Huang, 2015 Helmut Wollmersdorfer

This library is free software; as it is a derivative work of imgseek, this library is distributed under the same terms (GPL) as imgseek.