imresize(1) AME


[-v][-a ,dx/[,,dy/]][,-g dx/[,,dy/]][,-m dx/[,,dy/]] ,file.fits /...


Resize FITS and IRAF image files
-a dx dy: Mean filter dx x dy pixels
-b bitpix: FITS bits per pixel in output image
-f factor: Reduce both image dimensions by factor
-g dx: Gaussian filter dx pixels square
-h halfwidth: Gaussian half-width at half-height
-l num: Logging interval in lines
-m dx dy: Median filter dx x dy pixels
-n: Rotate to North Up East Left
-o: Allow overwriting of input image, else write new one
-v: Verbose
-x factor: Reduce image horizontal dimension by factor
-y factor: Reduce image vertical dimension by factor