getstyle(1) dumps the current Window Maker style related configuration or


getstyle [[-t|--theme-options] [-p|--pack] [style file]]


getstyle can either dump the current Window Maker style related configuration information to a file/stdout or create a self-contained theme pack. A theme pack is a directory that contains everything that is needed by a redistributable theme, includig the style information and pixmaps used by it.

Note that style information stored in the global configuration of the system is not read.

The following options are stored by default: IconBack, IconBack, TitleJustify, WindowTitleFont, MenuTitleFont, MenuTextFont, IconTitleFont, DisplayFont, HighlightColor, HighlightTextColor, IconTitleColor, CClipTitleColor, IconBackColor, FTitleColor, PTitleColor, UTitleColor, FTitleBack, PTitleBack, UTitleBack, MenuTitleColor, MenuTextColor, MenuDisabledColor, MenuTitleBack and MenuTextBack.

If either -t or --theme-options is specified, in addition to the previous options, WorkspaceBack is also stored, along with any user-definable mouse cursor settings (NormalCursor, ArrowCursor, MoveCursor, TopLeftResizeCursor, TopRightResizeCursor, BottomLeftResizeCursor, BottomRightResizeCursor, VerticalResizeCursor, HorizontalResizeCursor, WaitCursor, QuestionCursor, TextCursor, SelectCursor) that are present.


dumps theme related information too, which includes the root background texture. This option is always enabled when the -p option is used.
creates a theme pack in the directory named by the theme name appended with the .themed suffix.


specifies the initial path for the Defaults directory. "Defaults/" is appended to this variable to determine the actual location of the databases. If the varialbe is not set, it defaults to "~/GNUstep"


This is the actual file that gets written.


This man page was written by Marcelo Magallon <[email protected]>.

Window Maker was written by Alfredo K. Kojima <[email protected]>.