index_dump(1) Show the content of the index file


        index_dump [options] file [ tag ]

where options are

        --debug         set debug level
        --type          specifies the num/date/char type of the index
        --start         defines the value to start dump from
        --n             prints also the total number of records
                        in the file


index_dump rooms.cdx FACILITY
index_dump --debug=14 --start=Dub rooms.cdx ROOMNAME


Index_dump prints to standard output the content of the index file. The type of the index is one of those supported by the XBase::Index Perl module (cdx, idx, ntx, ndx, mdx).

The output contains the index key and the value, which is the record number in the correcponding dbf file.

For mulitag index files (like cdx), you need to specify the tag name to get the actual data.


(c) 1999--2013 Jan Pazdziora.