pmk(1) configuring tool


-words [-hlv ] [-b path ] [-d switch_disable_list ] [-e switch_enable_list ] [-f file ] [-o file ] [options ]


is a configuring tool which aims to help building project on different operating systems.

The options are as follows:

-b path
Use given path as basedir.
-d switch_disable_list
Provide a list of switches to disable.
-e switch_enable_list
Provide a list of switches to enable.
-f file
Use an alternate file instead of pmkfile(5).
Display usage.
Enable check build log.
-o file
Override pmk.conf data with the content of the given file.
Display the version number.


pmk(1) specification file.
default pmk(1) configuration file


To display pmk version number:

$ pmk -v

To use src as the basedir and disable two switches:

$ pmk -b src -d use_gtk,use_qt

To specify an alternate pmkfile(5), enabling one switch and overriding /etc/pmk/pmk.conf with the content of a given file ( pmk/pmkovr in this case):

$ pmk -f pmk/pmkfile -e use_curses -o pmk/pmkovr


The idea to replace configure script was existing since a long time. But the projet was initiated in the begining of March 2003.


An Damien Couderc.


You have to find them.