index_set(7) a set of indexes (rheolef-6.7)


A class for: l = {1,3,...9} i.e. a wrapper for STL set<size_t> with some assignment operators, such as l1 += l2. This class is suitable for use with the disarray<T> class, as disarray<index_set> (see disarray(2)).


class index_set : public std::set<std::size_t> {
// typedefs:
  typedef std::set<std::size_t>    base;
  typedef std::size_t              value_type;
  typedef std::size_t              size_type;
// allocators:
  index_set ();
  index_set (const index_set& x);
  index_set& operator= (const index_set& x);
  template <int N>
  index_set& operator= (size_type x[N]);
  void clear ();
// basic algebra:
  void       insert     (size_type dis_i);    // a := a union {dis_i}
  index_set& operator+= (size_type dis_i);    // idem
  index_set& operator+= (const index_set& b); // a := a union b
  // a := a union b
  void inplace_union        (const index_set& b);
  void inplace_intersection (const index_set& b);
  // c := a union b
  friend void set_union        (const index_set& a, const index_set& b, index_set& c);
  friend void set_intersection (const index_set& a, const index_set& b, index_set& c);
// io:
  friend std::istream& operator>> (std::istream& is, index_set& x);
  friend std::ostream& operator<< (std::ostream& os, const index_set& x);
// boost mpi:
  template <class Archive>
  void serialize (Archive& ar, const unsigned int version);