inputkill(1) run a command until standard input is closed


inputkill [options] <command> [arguments ...]


inputkill runs a given command until standard input is closed. inputkill passes on all file descriptors except for standard input; command is given no standard input.

inputkill is useful for promptly exiting a program ran via ssh when the connection is closed. For example, ssh host inputkill sleep 60 runs the command sleep on the computer named host until either sixty seconds elapse or the ssh connection is terminated.

The argument "--" disables argument parsing for all proceeding arguments; e.g. "inputkill ls -l" will pass "-l" to inputkill and run "ls", whereas "inputkill -- ls -l" will run "ls -l".


-V, --version
Display version information.
-?, --help
Display a summary of command line options.


Written by Chris Frost <[email protected]>.