IO::Prompt::Tiny(3) Prompt for user input with a default option


version 0.003


use IO::Prompt::Tiny qw/prompt/;
my $answer = prompt("Yes or no? (y/n)", "n");


This is an extremely simple prompting module, based on the extremely simple prompt offered by ExtUtils::MakeMaker.In many cases, that's all you need and this module gives it to you without all the overhead of ExtUtils::MakeMaker just to prompt for input.

It doesn't do any validation, coloring, menus, timeouts, or any of the wild, crazy, cool stuff that other prompting modules do. It just prompts with a default. That's it!


The following function may be explicitly imported. No functions are imported by default.


    my $value = prompt($message);
    my $value = prompt($message, $default);

The prompt() function displays the message as a prompt for input and returns the (chomped) response from the user, or the default if the response was empty.

If the program is not running interactively or if the PERL_MM_USE_DEFAULT environment variable is set to true, the default will be used without prompting.

If no default is provided, an empty string will be used instead.

Unlike ExtUtils::MakeMaker::prompt(), this prompt() does not use prototypes, so this will work as expected:

  my @args = ($prompt, $default);



If set to a true value, IO::Prompt::Tiny will always return the default without waiting for user input, just like ExtUtils::MakeMaker does.


The guts of this module are based on ExtUtils::MakeMaker and IO::Interactive::Tiny (which is based on IO::Interactive). Thank you to the authors of those modules.


Bugs / Feature Requests

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Source Code

This is open source software. The code repository is available for public review and contribution under the terms of the license.


  git clone


David Golden <[email protected]>


This software is Copyright (c) 2012 by David Golden.

This is free software, licensed under:

  The Apache License, Version 2.0, January 2004