IptablesDlfConverter(3) convert netfilter/iptables syslog logs to firewall DLF


IptablesDlfConverter converts Linux 2.4 iptables packet log into firewall DLF format.


The netfilter logging modules don't log the status of the packet (drop, accept, reject) like the ipchains logging code. You can specify a prefix that will be used in the log. This converter will mark the packet as 'denied' whenever that prefix matches (case insensitive) the following regex: 'denied|deny|drop|reject|unallowed', it will mark the packet as 'permitted' whenever that prefix matches (case insensitive) the following regex: 'accept|permit', and all other packets will have '-' as the value of the 'action' field.

So in order for this converter to detect 'denied' packets, you should use a prefix containing one of those substrings.

For example:

 iptables -N lodrop
 iptables -A logdrop -j LOG --log-prefix "Packet-DENY: "
 iptables -A logdrop -j DROP

or other similar prefixes: 'denied: ', 'Packet-REJECT: ', ...

The prefix used will end up in the 'rule' field of the DLF record.


IptablesDlfConvertor will be rarely used on its own, but is more likely called by lr_log2report:

 $ lr_log2report iptables < /var/log/iptables.log > report


Francis J. Lacoste <[email protected]>


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