isag(1) Interactive System Activity Grapher


isag [-p datafiles_path] [-c config_file] [-ght gr_height] [-gwd gr_width]


The isag command graphically displays the system activity data stored in a binary data file by a previous sar run. The isag command invokes sar to extract the data to be plotted.

The data are processed using sar command and slightly transformed to tabular format, and then this format is visualized using gnuplot program.


-p datafiles_path
Specify the pathname where are located the daily data files. Default path is: /var/log/sysstat
-c config_file
Specify the configuration file used by the isag command. The contents of this file may depend on isag version number. Default config file is: $HOME/.isag.cfg.
-ght gr_height
Specify the height of the chart area. Default value is: 400.
-gwd gr_width
Specify the width of the chart area. Default value is: 720.


As mentioned above there is a config file. There are stored following values:
last showed graph

y limits for each kind of graph

It seems useful, because new run doesn't need new settings to obtain same scale.


Here is list of prerequsities including versioning and built-in features.
Version 8.0 or newer.
Gnuplot must have a tkcanvas display.


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