jack-dl(1) JACK shared library dsp loader


jack-dl [options]


-b : Set the number of buffers (default=8). -c : Set the number of input and output channels (default=8). -k : Set the number of control buses (default=64). -p : Set the udp port number (default=57190).


jack-dl loads dsp algorithms from shared libraries and allows user interaction with the executing graph. Commands are sent as OSC packets over a UDP connection.

The dsp graph code must provide three functions:

size_t (*dsp_memreq)();
void (*dsp_init)(void *);
void (*dsp_step)(void *,int);

jack-dl accepts the OSC commands:

Command Arguments Description ------- --------- ----------- /b_alloc id::int frames::int channels::int buffer allocate /c_set index::int value::float control set /g_load object-file::file-path graph load

jack-dl consults the JACK_DL_CONNECT_TO and JACK_DL_CONNECT_FROM environment variables.

jack-dl implements only a subset of the OSC protocol. In particular it does not implement the patten matching rules and does not implement a scheduler for incoming messages.

jack-dl drops all unrecognized incoming packets.


Rohan Drape http://rd.slavepianos.org/


Rohan Drape <[email protected]>