jack-play(1) JACK Sound File Player


jack-play [options] sound-file...


-b : Set the disk buffer size in frames (default=4096). This value must be a power of two. If the JACK period size at any time exceeds this value the player will halt.

-c : Set the sample rate conversion algorithm (default=2). Values are: SRC_SINC_BEST_QUALITY = 0, SRC_SINC_MEDIUM_QUALITY = 1, SRC_SINC_FASTEST = 2, SRC_ZERO_ORDER_HOLD = 3 and SRC_LINEAR = 4.

-i : Set the initial disk seek in frames (default=0).

-m : Set the minimal disk transfer size in frames (default=32). This is an optimization switch.

-n : Set the client name (default=jack-play).

-q : Set the frame size to request data from the ringbuffer (default=64). This is an optimization switch.

-r : Set the resampling ratio multiplier (default=1.0).

-t : Run in JACK transport aware mode.

-u : Do not make client name unique by appending process identifier.


jack-play is a light-weight JACK sound file player. It creates as many output ports as there are channels in the input file. It will connect to ports mentioned in the environment variable JACK_PLAY_CONNECT_TO which must include a %d pattern to indicate port number, otherwise it implements no connection logic, use jack-plumbing(1) instead.

jack-play will read files in any format supported by libsndfile, and will resample to match the server sample rate using libsamplerate.


Written by Rohan Drape http://rd.slavepianos.org/


Rohan Drape <[email protected]>