JE::Number(3) JavaScript number value


use JE;
use JE::Number;
$j = JE->new;
$js_num = new JE::Number $j, 17;
$perl_num = $js_num->value;
$js_num->to_object; # returns a new JE::Object::Number


This class implements JavaScript number values for JE. The difference between this and JE::Object::Number is that that module implements number objects, while this module implements the primitive values.

Right now, this module simply uses Perl numbers underneath for storing the JavaScript numbers. It seems that whether Perl numbers are in accord with the IEEE 754 standard that ECMAScript uses is system-dependent. If anyone requires IEEE 754 compliancy, a patch would be welcome. :-)

The "new" method accepts a global (JE) object and a number as its two arguments. If the latter is an object with a "to_number" method whose return value isa JE::Number, that object's internal value will be used. Otherwise the arg itself is used. (The precise details of the behaviour of "new" when the second arg is a object are subject to change.) It is numified Perl-style, so 'nancy' becomes NaN and 'information' becomes Infinity.

The "value" method produces a Perl scalar. The "0+" numeric operator is overloaded and produces the same.

Stringification and boolification are overloaded and produce the same results as in JavaScript

The "typeof" and "class" methods produce the strings 'number' and 'Number', respectively.