JE::Object::Error(3) JavaScript Error object class


use JE::Object::Error;
# Somewhere in code called by an eval{}
die new JE::Object::Error $global, "(Error message here)";
# Later:
[email protected]>prop('message'); # error message
[email protected]>prop('name'); # 'Error'
"$@"; # 'Error: ' plus the error message


This class implements JavaScript Error objects for JE. This is the base class for all JavaScript's native error objects. (See ``SEE ALSO'', below.)


See JE::Types for descriptions of most of the methods. Only what is specific to JE::Object::Error is explained here.

The "value" method returns the string 'Error: ' followed by the error message. 'Error' will be replaced with the class name (the result of calling "->class") for subclasses.