imput(1) put mail/news message into networks


imput [OPTIONS] [MSG]


The imput command dispatches mail/news message by way of SMTP/NNTP.

This command is provided by IM (Internet Message).

With UCB Mail
Define ``sendmail'' environment variable with value ``imput''.
With Mew 1.x
Eval (setq mew-prog-imput ``imput'').
With MH
Define sendproc in ~/.mh_profile like ``sendproc: imput''.
With sendmail.el (if you are using VM or ...)
Eval (setq sendmail-program ``imput'').
With mh-e (4 or later)
Eval (setq mh-send-prog ``imput'').
With pine
Define ``sendmail-path'' in ~/.pinerc, for example:

sendmail-path=/usr/local/bin/imput -Report -ObeyHeader -IgnoreDot

With applications which use sendmail
Replace sendmail to this program but if daemon sendmail is required, original sendmail should be renamed to sendmail.bin or something else for starting daemon mode sendmail and for newaliasing.
With applications which use inews
Header generation by command line option not supported.


Output version information and exit.
Display help message and exit.
Set all debug options.
Set specific debug options (separated with ',').
Print verbose messages when running.
User defined perl script to be required.
List of SMTP servers (separated with ',').

Each element should be server[/remote_port][%local_port]

List of SMTP servers for Emergency Use (i.e. error reporting).
Try next SMTP server evenif permanent failure.
List of NNTP servers (separated with ',').

Each element should be server[/remote_port][%local_port]

User name for NNTP authentication.
Name as a SMTP client (used for SMTP HELO).
SSH port relay server.
Do not qualify local addresses with default domain.
Default domain name for sender.
Default domain name for recipients.
A user name for Message-Id generation.
A domain name for Message-Id generation.
Strip Message-Id when posting to news system.
Local part of the sender address.
Address used in From: header; equivalent to User@FromDomain
Commentary name for sender.
Show commentary name in () on From: header.
Name of organization for news posting.
A string for subject field.
Use domain-part completion with nameserver.
Allow to show recipients in header as To: if no To: in original.
Request DCC to me.
Supplemental DCC address.
Folder name to save FCC.
Need a report of successful delivery.
Newsgroup names to be posted in.
Convert japanese character encoding from EUC/SJIS to JIS.
Default classification of japanese character code (EUC/SJIS/8BIT). Default value is ``8bit''.
Encode japanese JIS characters to MIME style at header. Default value is ``on''.
Header encoding type: 0 is B; 1 is Q.
Do not fold long header lines.
Header sequence for sorting (labels separated with ',').
Convert 8bit body to 7bit by base64/quoted-printable encoding.
Sub-type label for unknown 8bit body on Content-Type:. Default value is ``unknown-8bit''.
Line numbers for splitting into partial messages.
Sleep interval for dispatching each splitted messages. Default value is 10.
File name to write delivery log. Default value is ``putlog''.
Use SYSLOG feature instead of writing to a file directly.
Report errors via mail. Default value is ``on''.
Generate Message-Id header line. Default value is ``on''.
Generate Message-Id with Process ID.
Generate Message-Id with User ID instead of login name.
Generate Date header line. Default value is ``on''.
Generate date field in GMT for posting news.
Generate Lines header line. Default value is ``on''.
List of files for mail address aliasing. Default value is ``Aliases''.
List of Addrbook files.
List of files for domain part completion.
Save FCC with partial format.
Path of file to save unsent message as a deadletter. Default value is ``dead.letter''.
Just store message into queue without attempt of delivery.
Store message into queue on delivery failure.
Process queued messages.
Show list of queued messages.
Path of draft folder directory.
Use MIME (message/rfc822) style BCC. Default value is ``on''.
Prefix character for draft message file renaming. Default value is ``#''.
Preserve draft message as is even if dispatched successfully.
Path/name of draft message.
Generate PGP signature for body-part.
Path/name of message to be added as a part of multipart message.
Add filename field at Content-Disposition header.
Perform SMTP style input mode.
Annotate on the parent message (MsgDB required).
Redistribution mode (using Resent-*:).
Path of message for redistribution.
Collect recipients from message header.
Ignore DOT for message termination.
No news posting if To, Cc header found evenif Newsgroups: exists.
Enforce ESMTP (always begins with EHLO).
Enable NNTP. Default value is ``on''.
Header lines to be added.

For compatibility with the send command (provided by MH/nmh):



IM (Internet Message) is copyrighted by IM developing team. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the modified BSD license. See the copyright file for more details.