Jifty::Model::Metadata(3) Tracks Jifty-related metadata


my $app = Jifty->new(config_file => "$ProjectRoot/etc/config.yml");
my $application_version = Jifty::Model::Metadata->load("application_db_version");


Every Jifty application automatically inherits this table, which describes information about the Jifty database. It uses this information to smartly upgrade between application schema versions, as well as versions of Jifty itself, for instance.


Each schema is stored in the table "_jifty_metadata".


The metadata table first appeared in Jifty version 0.60427

load KEY

Fetches the given "KEY" from the metadata store. Returns undef if such a key cannot be found.

store KEY => VALUE

Stores the given "KEY" in the database, overwriting the previous value if it existed.