sisinstall(1) simple command line program for installing


sisinstall [-h] [-V] [-n] [-v level] [long-options] FILE


sisinstall installs a packaged program or library from a sis file to a Psion machine. It requires the ncpd to be running already to provide access to the Psion machine over the serial port.


-V, --version
Display the version and exit
-h, --help
Display a short help text and exit.
-n, --dryryn
Just parse the sis file, don't touch the Psion machine.
-v, --verbose=level
Specify the log level.

Level 0 is the default, and is pretty quiet.

Level 1 provides detailed information on the data that is read.

Level 2 is rather verbose, and is mostly meant for debugging.


Ignores dependency records in the sis file.


Written by Daniel Brahneborg ([email protected]).
Psion communication based on plpftp by Fritz Elfert ([email protected]).