jitsi(1) the Java VoIP and Instant Messaging client


jitsi [options] [uri-to-call]


Jitsi is an audio/video Internet phone and instant messenger that supports some of the most popular instant messaging and telephony protocols such as SIP, Jabber, AIM/ICQ, MSN, Yahoo! Messenger, Bonjour, IRC and soon others like IAX.

An optional uri-to-call expression can be specified to start a call from the command-line. If Jitsi is already running then the call is handled by the running application, except when it is explicitly told to allow multiple instance launch.


-c, --config=DIR
Use DIR for configuration files.
-d, --debug
Print debugging messages to stdout.
-h, --help
Print a help message containing usage instructions and descriptions of all options currently supported.
-m, --multiple
Allow multiple instance launch.
-6, --ipv6
Force use of IPv6 addresses where possible.
-4, --ipv4
Force non-support for IPv6 and use of IPv4 only.
-v, --version
Display the current version and exit.


The IM contact-list.
The main configuration file.


Jitsi was written by Emil Ivov <[email protected]>.

This manual page was written by Martin Andre <[email protected]>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).