kapptemplate(1) creates a framework to develop a KDE application


kapptemplate [ --noinit ] [ --default ] [ --full-app | --kpart-app | --kpart-plugin | --existing ]

kapptemplate --help


KAppTemplate is a shell script that will create the necessary framework to develop various KDE applications. It takes care of the autoconf/automake code as well as providing a skeleton and example of what the code typically looks like.

This utility is part of the KDE Software Development Kit.


General Options

Display a full summary of options.
Don't run 'make -f Makefile.cvs'.
Use default values instead of prompting.

Framework Types

Create a full featured KDE application.
Create a full featured KPart application.
Create a KPart plugin framework.
Converting existing source to an automake/autoconf KDE framework.


Stores default values.


KAppTemplate was written by Kurt Granroth <[email protected]>.
This manual page was prepared by Ben Burton <[email protected]> for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).