kdb-sget(1) Get the value of a key stored in the key database from a script


kdb sget <path> <default-value>

Where path is the full path to the key and default-value is the value that should be printed if no value can be retrieved.


This command is used to retrieve the value of a key from within a script.
When using the kdb tool in a script, the user should use the sget command in place of the kdb-get(1) command.
The kdb-get(1) command should not be used in scripts because it may return an error instead of printing a value in certain circumstances.
The sget command guarantees that a value will be printed (unless the user passes faulty arugments).
This command will either print the value of the key it retrives or a default value that the user specifies.


To get the value of a key from a script or return the value 0: kdb sget user/example/key 0

To get the value of a key using a cascading lookup or return the value notfound: kdb get /example/key "notfound"