kismet_drone(1) Wireless sniffing and monitoring remote drone


kismet_drone [-svh] [-f config-file] [-c capture-source]
[-C enable-capture-sources] [-p port] [-a allowed-hosts]
[-N server-name]


kismet_drone supports all the capture sources available to Kismet. Instead of processing packets locally, kismet_drone makes them available via TCP to a remote kismet_server using the 'drone' capture source.


kismet_drone should be configured as you would kismet_server. All logging, packet dissection, etc will take place on the remote kismet server using the 'drone' capture source.

kismet_monitor should be used to place capture sources into rfmonitor mode as needed, and kismet_hopper should be used for channel hopping.

kismet_drone is controlled by the kismet_drone.conf config file.


It may be desirable to encrypt the packet stream between the remote drone and the kismet system. Standard SSH packet tunneling or any other tunneling/forwarding system may be used, and is recommended.


Mike Kershaw