klick(1) An advanced metronome for JACK


klick [options] [bars] [meter] tempo[-tempo2/accel] [pattern]
klick [options] -f filename
klick [options] -i
klick [options] -j


klick is an advanced command-line based metronome using the JACK sound server. It allows you to define complex tempo maps for entire songs or performances. A single meter and tempo can be specified on the command line, while more complex tempo maps can be read from plain text files. Alternatively, it's also possible to run klick in interactive mode, where the tempo can be changed at runtime using the keyboard, or to follow tempo information read from JACK transport.


-f filename
load tempo map from file
no tempo map, just follow jack transport
-n name
set jack client name
-p port,..
jack port(s) to connect to
automatically connect to hardware ports
-o port
OSC port to listen on
interactive mode
-W filename
export click track to audio file
-r samplerate
sample rate of export (default: 48000)
-s number
use built-in sounds:
0: square wave (default)
1: sine wave
2: noise
3: acoustic bell/click
-S file[,file]
load sounds from file(s)
no emphasized beats
emphasized beats only
-v mult[,mult]
adjust playback volume (default: 1.0)
-w mult[,mult]
adjust playback pitch (default: 1.0)
enable jack transport
become transport master (implies -t)
-d seconds
delay before starting playback
-c bars
pre-roll. use -c 0 for 2 beats
-l label
start playback at the given label
-x multiplier
multiply tempo by the given factor
show help


[label:] bars [meter] tempo [pattern] [volume]


Dominic Sacre <[email protected]>