ldraw-mklist(1) create parts.lst files


ldraw-mklist [options] [-i parts ] [-o file ]


ldraw-mklist generates a parts.lst file from a parts directory for usage by other programs.


Display a help message
Sort by Number
Sort by Description
Check for duplicate descriptions. "parts.lst" unchanged.
Don't skip parts with "~Moved to xxx" description
Skip parts with ~ description, e.g. "~Winch 2 x 4 x 2 Top"
-i <dir>
input directory, default is "PARTS" in current directory
-o <file>
output filename, default is "parts.lst" in current directory
Force it to finish. No prompts.
Quiet mode. No warnings, and no prompts.
Use 8.3 names for compatibility.
Truncating descriptions to fit in an 80 char terminal window.
Ragged filename column. Size it to fit short filenames.
Truncate Long descriptions at 64 chars.
Print verbose info. Useful for debugging.


The default location of the parts library
The default location of the parts list


Johannes Schauer <j.schauer at email dot de>