libprinterconf(3) A C library of routines for autodetecting printers


Libprinterconf is a C library for autodetecting printers from Linux.

It currently supports two methods of autodetection: parallel port detection and network detection.

The following functions are available:

pconf_detmethod_t *pconf_get_detection_methods (int *count);
char ** pconf_detect_printer (int dettype, char *detinfo);
char * pconf_autodetect_pport (long int port);


Each of these is described in detail in its own man page. Of most interest is pconf_detect_printer(). This function will execute one of the detection methods and return an array of character strings, each representing a single detected printer.

The actual format of these strings will depend on the detection method. For parallel port detection, the string will be in the basic form: "port=p;model=m". For a network printer the form is: "printer=hostaddr;vendor=v;model=m".

This library is intended for use by printer detection and configuration tools.