limiter(4) discontinuous Galerkin slope limiter


 field limiter (const field& uh, options...);


This function returns a slope limited field for any supplied discontinuous approximation.

        geo omega ("square");
        space Xh (omega, "P1d");
        field uh (Xh);
        field vh = limiter(uh);

This function is still in development as a prototype: it supports only d=1 dimension and k=0 or 1 polynomial degrees. Its generalization to 2D and 3D geometries and any polynomial degree is in development.


struct limiter_option_type {
  bool active;
  Float theta; // > 1, see Coc-1998, P. 209
  Float M;     // M=max|u''(t=0)(x)| at x where u'(t)(x)=0 :extremas
  limiter_option_type() : active(true), theta(1.5), M(1) {}
template <class T, class M>
limiter (
   const field_basic<T,M>& uh,
   const T&               bar_g_S = 1.0,
   const limiter_option_type& opt = limiter_option_type());