lipa(1) Listaller command-line tool


lipa {COMMAND} [OPTIONS ...]


This manual page documents briefly the lipa command.

lipa is a simple tool to control Listaller using a command-line interface. It allows modifying basic settings, installing new applications, removing applications, requesting information about Listaller's database state and performing other maintenance tasks.


-i, --install IPKPACKAGE

Install a new application from a distro-independent IPK package.

-r, --remove APPIDENTIFIER

Remove an application which mathes the given name or application-id.

-l, --list-apps, --all

List applications installed using Listaller.

To include all other applications too, the --all flag can be appended.


Display version number of lipa


Turn on verbose mode (this can be used for debugging).


This manual page was written by Matthias Klumpp <[email protected]>.


Copyright © 2009-2012 Matthias Klumpp