lipkgen(1) Listaller package builder


lipkgen {-b} [OPTION ...]


This manual page documents briefly the lipkgen command.

lipkgen is a simple tool to build IPK application packages directly from software sources or binary files using a package recipe.


-b, --build

Build IPK package using the IPK source files in the ipkinstall folder in current directory.

-s, --sourcedir=DIRECTORY

Set the IPK package source directory.

-o, --outdir=DIRECTORY

Set an output path were the resulting package should be saved.


Sign the resulting package with your GPG key.


Display version number of lipkgen


Turn on verbose mode (this can be used for debugging).


This manual page was written by Matthias Klumpp <[email protected]>.


Copyright © 2009-2012 Matthias Klumpp